Double row angular contact ball bearing

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Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings for Automotive A/C Compressors Clutch, Rubber Sealed Both Sides and pre-lubricated with Grease. 5200 Series Light Duty. Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings. 5300 Series Medium Duty. Duble Row Angular Contact Medium Duty Ball Bearings.The sealing system of double row angular contact ball bearings prevents the ingress of dirt and ensures an optimum service life. They correspond, in structure and function, to a pair of single-row angular contact ball bearings in a back to back (“O”)arrangement.



The construction of this ball bearing is similar to mounting two single row angular ball bearings back to back(DB). Capacities of double row ball bearing is less than single row since few balls can be inserted per row. This bearing type can sustain radial, moment and bi-directional axial loads.