Why You Should Go For A Simpler Wedding

Virgilio Zetticci   February 15, 2016   Comments Off on Why You Should Go For A Simpler Wedding

If you think that a wedding should always be big and grand, you are largely mistaken. The latest trend in weddings, if truth be told, is that they are smaller in size. While a big wedding may mean that you get to invite everyone whom you know and are connected to your life in some way, smaller weddings have many benefits attached to it.

Less stressMind you – a wedding is always stressful. Not only on the date that you are actually tying the knot (and you are wondering how to walk down the aisle without tripping over your dress), but also months ahead when the preparations are taking place. The bigger the guest list is, you need to focus on many other aspects such as money, seating and even whom exactly to include in the guest list. For an example, if you invite one colleague at work, it might offend another colleague you did not invite. Hence, the bigger the guest list – the bigger the stress not to feel others included, check this great Bali resort package.

However, if the list of invitees is limited to those people in the very intimate circles of your life, then this is another story. You will not be offending any other person, since they would understand that you only invited those who are closest to you in terms of relatives and friends. Moreover, this can even help you immensely when deciding table arrangements. The bigger the crowd is, the more complex the seating chart is going to be. In comparison, if the group is small, and those who are closest to you, you will hardly have to worry about seating arrangements anyway! Little perks like this will make the wedding period less stressful to you.

Less expenseOf course, the smaller the crowd is, the lesser the expense. This significantly cuts down the expense you will otherwise be incurring on food and the venue. For an example, a smaller gathering means that you do not have to go for a large reception hall, but have a small, sweet and a movie-ish backyard wedding.

On the other hand, an intimate wedding also allows you to splurge lavishly on the guests. The money you will be otherwise spending for many people can be spent on your smaller crowd, but in a grander scale. You can have a small wedding in a boat, or host the wedding dinner at a seven star hotel.

Can spend on the ‘after party’The more you save on your guest list, the more you get to spend on a romantic trip with your spouse. You can select a honeymoon destination package that has been your dream all along! Whereas a bigger wedding would lead you to select a honeymoon destination package that is quite economical and suits the remainder of your budget, an intimate wedding gives you the chance to have the ‘after-wedding-party’ of your life!

Making it ‘your’ weddingThe smaller the gathering is, and the more intimate, the lesser you need to care about how the wedding will look to the guests. An intimate circle would know the crazy you, and they love you for it. Hence, a smaller wedding will give you the chance to organize the wedding according to your tastes (however weird and crazy it might be!). So this is the perfect way to ensure that your wedding reflects the personalities of you and the love of your life, not of social niceties.