Different Kinds Of Workplace Culture

Virgilio Zetticci   March 31, 2016   Comments Off on Different Kinds Of Workplace Culture

When we talk about workplace culture, it is usually to denote values, beliefs and other elements of culture that define the workings in a company. In many companies, there might be a medley of cultures at different levels while in other organizations the culture is common and widespread, no matter how many locations the offices operate from. Usually the company founders define the working culture of an organization. Again, when other companies are merged with another, the culture undergoes a transition. With the coming in of leaders and managers from different cultures, it also impacts the working culture of an organization.

Hierarchical structures

Among the different organizational cultures hierarchical structures are common, especially in old organizations. The focus is on internal efficiency, stability and control. The culture is dependent on following of strict norms and rules like everyone being required to report in the office within a certain time. The ways employees can interact with each other as well as the way work is delegated are also defined by the culture. In a hierarchical setup the flow of command and information is usually from higher management to lower levels. Though feedback is obtained from the lower ranks, these employees are not free to discuss their ideas all the time or are encouraged to implement changes without their managers considering the ideas first. Even function venues Shepparton are formal in these workplaces.

Flexible and modern workplaces

In many new organizations the structure of working is among the teams and interdepartmental functions. As a result the working atmosphere is more collaborative and cooperative. The corporate functions are fun events where employees are encouraged to speak up and are recognized for their efforts. Flexible working hours are offered to employees to accommodate their varying needs. Continue reading this for further information if you are looking for cheap accommodation.

Pros of different workplace cultures

People of a certain mindset gel well with certain workplaces, for instance, senior and elderly people will find it easier to conform to the rules and set practices in a hierarchical organization. On the other hand, modern generations who are encouraged to share their views and opinions will love a collaborative workplace.

Right fitment

It is important that one understands the work culture of an organization before they accept a work offer. In many cases, employees find themselves straitjacketed as they are unable to express their views or work as per their experience. It is necessary for an employee to find a workplace that is in line with their beliefs and traditions and is in conformance of the way they have been brought up in society. Hence, modern generations cannot work with hierarchical structures while older people might find collaborative workspaces confusing. Though workplace culture is less evident than the performance of a company, it is necessary to seek feedback from existing employees before one decides to accept a position.