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Daylesford And Its Uniqueness

Virgilio Zetticci   August 14, 2017   Comments Off on Daylesford And Its Uniqueness

This town is located in the mountain range of Eastern Highlands. This town is unique as it is regarded as a spa town due to the natural springs and mineral water reserves located in this area. Located in the North West direction from Melbourne, about 115 kilometers away. This town was originally started as a famous gold mining destination after which it became a spa town destination.

Attractions it offers

Daylesford is a favored tourist place as it is one of the popular spa towns that the country has. The springs and mineral water reserves can be found in and around the Hepburn Springs area. This region is also known for the effervescent waters which have valuable mineral content. Hence, if you are looking for an ideal day spa destination, why not opt for a day spa package at Daylesford? This town is popular for several spas that have come up as well as resorts, hotels, eateries and galleries which make it an ideal weekend or holiday destination for many. Besides the spas that are the main attractions here, you will find wineries the next big attraction in this region. 

History of the place

The town was originally formed around Lake Daylesford when the gold rush happened in the nineteenth century. Soon the hot springs and mineral waters around the region were discovered that made it an ideal destination for different spa resorts to come up. Today there is much demand for accommodation in this town where people come for wellness breaks or for leisure trips that combines fine living along with health and stress relief benefits.

Sauna holidays on offer

If you have never indulged in a spa holiday, this is the perfect place to get to. Enjoy your holiday with beautiful spa massage is a never forgetting one memory and it’s quite different from normal spa massage. There are more than sixty mineral springs to be found in this region as well as several spa resorts here that have gained popularity over the ages. The bathhouses, mineral spas and retreats have different wellness programs on offer. These can be ideal holiday packages for you to consider when you are down and need a stress free holiday. You will find several events to attend here such as the Harvest week festival, the Hepburn Springs Swiss Italian festival and others. With wineries to visit and spas to chill out at, this is the ideal holiday destination for many. Spas here offer several therapeutic and wellness programs for addressing different ailments of the body and soul.